Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Propagation properties and radiation forces of the Airy Gaussian vortex beams in a harmonic potential

Zihao Pang and Dongmei Deng

We investigate the propagation properties and the radiation forces of Airy Gaussian vortex (AiGV) beams in a harmonic potential analytically and numerically in this paper. Obtaining the propagation expression of AiGV beams by solving the dimensionless linear (2+1) D Schrödinger equation in a harmonic potential, we perform the track, the intensity and phase distributions, the propagation shapes, the energy flow and the angular momentum of AiGV beams in a harmonic potential with the method of numerical simulations. The trajectory acting like a cosine curve is shown. Periodic inversion and phase oscillation are demonstrated during propagation. The influence of the distribution factor and the vortex factor on the propagation of AiGV beams in a harmonic potential are discussed. Likewise, the motion of the Poynting vector and the angular momentum is elucidated respectively. As for the radiation forces, we explore the gradient and scattering forces on Rayleigh dielectric particles induced by AiGV beams. In particular, it’s found that the value of the scattering force is approximately seven orders of magnitude larger than that of the gradient force during the propagation in a harmonic potential.
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