Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Plasmonic optical trapping of nanometer-sized J- /H- dye aggregates as explored by fluorescence microspectroscopy

Ayaka Mototsuji, Tatsuya Shoji, Yumi Wakisaka, Kei Murakoshi, Hiroshi Yao, and Yasuyuki Tsuboi

In the present study, we explored plasmonic optical trapping (POT) of nanometer-sized organic crystals, carbocyanine dye aggregates (JC-1). JC-1 dye forms both J- and H- aggregates in aqueous solution. POT behavior was analyzed using fluorescence microspectroscopy. POT of JC-1 aggregates was realized in an increase in their fluorescence intensity from the focus area upon plasmon excitation. Repeating on-and-off plasmonic excitation resulted in POT of JC-1 aggregates in a trap-and-release mode. Such POT of nanometer-sized dye aggregates lying in a Rayleigh scattering regime (< 100 nm) is important toward molecular manipulation. Furthermore, interestingly, we found that the J-aggregates were preferentially trapped than H-aggregates. It possibly indicates semi-selective optical trapping of nanoparticles on the basis of molecular alignments.

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