Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Measurement of back-scattering patterns from single laser trapped aerosol particles in air

Yong-Le Pan, Chuji Wang, Leonid A. Beresnev, Alex J. Yuffa, Gorden Videen, David Ligon, and Joshua L. Santarpia

We demonstrate a method for measuring elastic back-scattering patterns from single laser trapped micron-sized particles, spanning the scattering angle range of 𝜽=167.7°–180°θ=167.7°–180° and 𝜑=0°–360°φ=0°–360° in spherical coordinates. We calibrated the apparatus by capturing light-scattering patterns of 10 μm diameter borosilicate glass microspheres and comparing their scattered intensities with Lorenz–Mie theory. Back-scattering patterns are also presented from a single trapped Johnson grass spore, two attached Johnson grass spores, and a cluster of Johnson grass spores. The method has potential use in characterizing airborne aerosol particles, and may be used to provide back-scattering data for lidar applications.

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