Monday, June 19, 2017

Tomographic active optical trapping of arbitrarily shaped objects by exploiting 3D refractive index maps

Kyoohyun Kim & YongKeun Park

Optical trapping can manipulate the three-dimensional (3D) motion of spherical particles based on the simple prediction of optical forces and the responding motion of samples. However, controlling the 3D behaviour of non-spherical particles with arbitrary orientations is extremely challenging, due to experimental difficulties and extensive computations. Here, we achieve the real-time optical control of arbitrarily shaped particles by combining the wavefront shaping of a trapping beam and measurements of the 3D refractive index distribution of samples. Engineering the 3D light field distribution of a trapping beam based on the measured 3D refractive index map of samples generates a light mould, which can manipulate colloidal and biological samples with arbitrary orientations and/or shapes. The present method provides stable control of the orientation and assembly of arbitrarily shaped particles without knowing a priori information about the sample geometry. The proposed method can be directly applied in biophotonics and soft matter physics.

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