Friday, June 30, 2017

Low-loss nanowire and nanotube plasmonic waveguide with deep subwavelength light confinement and enhanced optical trapping forces

Xiaogang Chen, Qijing Lu, Xiang Wu, Hongqin Yang and Shusen Xie

With the rapid development of the micro/nano fabrication technology, the semiconductor nanowires and nanotubes with size and dimensions controllable realize wide applications in nanophotonics. In this talk, we propose two kinds of hybrid plasmonics waveguides, one is consisting of nanowires, another is consisting of nanotubes. By employing the simulating with different geometric parameters, the basic waveguiding properties, including the effective mode area, the propagation length, the mode character and the optical trapping forces can be achieved. Compared with previous plasmonic waveguide with plane metal substrate, current plasmonics waveguides with ease of fabrication have the advantage of long propagation length and effectively optical trapping of nanoparticles with deep subwavelength light confinement, which may be very useful for nanophotonic integrated circuits, nanolasers and biosensing.

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