Monday, June 5, 2017

Dynamics Study of the Deformation of Red Blood Cell by Optical Tweezers

Konin E. Jean Michel, Yale Pavel, Megnassan Eugene, Michel A. Kouacou, Jeremie T. Zoueu

In recent years, extensive research has been carried out on red blood cells in order to investigate their mechanical properties. The interest in these studies has been possible thanks to the technological innovations made in the field of micro or nano manipulation of biological and non-biological particles without physical contact. In the present project, we have developed a new approach to study the deformation of red blood cells moving against a trapped microbead by applying a sinusoidal voltage (DC offset 3.5 Vpp) to the stage at 0.4 Hz frequencies. The oscillating movement imposed on the stage highlights the indentation test and the tensile test known for the study of mechanical behavior of materials. The mechanical properties found are: the modulus of elasticity (Young Modulus), the shear modulus, the coefficient of hardening and erythrocyte resistance coefficient. The axial shear modulus 25.00 ± 1.5 μN/m and the transversal shear modulus 15.7 ± 4.63 μN/m were compared to those in the literature. These values were respectively determined by Hooke’s law and the Hertz model.

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