Wednesday, March 22, 2017

On the motion control of microparticles by means of an electromagnetic field increasing with time for spectroscopic applications

A. Ch. Izmailov

The possibility of controlling the motion of microparticles by means of external electromagnetic fields (nonresonance laser radiation, in particular) that induce potential wells for such particles, which are characterized by fixed spatial distribution but deepen over time to a certain level, are analyzed. It is assumed that the particles are located in high vacuum and are affected by nondissipative external forces. Slowing down of relatively fast particles when they pass through the discussed potential wells is shown. Such slowing down of particles is demonstrated using a nonresonance laser beam with intensity increasing over time as an example. Specific features of particle dynamics in the electromagnetic fields under consideration in the case of a one-dimensional rectangular potential well are studied in detail based on simple analytical relations derived from the fundamental equations of classical mechanics. The methods of particle cooling and localization demonstrated in the present work can substantially increase spectroscopy resolution of various microparticles, including, under certain conditions, atoms and molecules.

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