Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Effective computational modeling of erythrocyte electro-deformation

Nicola A. Nodargi, Paolo Bisegna, Federica Caselli

Due to its crucial role in pathophysiology, erythrocyte deformability represents a subject of intense experimental and modeling research. Here a computational approach to electro-deformation for erythrocyte mechanical characterization is presented. Strong points of the proposed strategy are: (1) an accurate computation of the mechanical actions induced on the cell by the electric field, (2) a microstructurally-based continuum model of the erythrocyte mechanical behavior, (3) an original rotation-free shell finite element, especially suited to the application in hand. As proved by the numerical results, the developed tool is effective and sound, and can foster the role of electro-deformation in single-cell mechanical phenotyping.

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