Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Optical tweezers affected by monochromatic aberrations

R. Kampmann and S. Sinzinger

The performance of optical tweezers in the presence of monochromatic aberrations is investigated theoretically and experimentally. For the calculation of optical forces we use a ray-optics-based force simulation, which is embedded in a ray tracing routine. By considering optical path differences caused by monochromatic aberrations, we are able to simulate their effect on the trapping forces. Optical trapping experiments considering the influence of aberrations were performed with an optical tweezers system, specially adapted to trap particles in gaseous surrounding. The conformity of these measurements with the theoretical predictions verifies the correct performance of the optical force simulation routine. Based on the reliable simulation tool, further theoretical studies are performed on how optical aberrations affect the function and performance of optical tweezers.

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