Friday, January 13, 2017

Optically assisted trapping with high-permittivity dielectric rings: Towards optical aerosol filtration

Rasoul Alaee, Muamer Kadic, Carsten Rockstuhl, and Ali Passian

Controlling the transport, trapping, and filtering of nanoparticles is important for many applications. By virtue of their weak response to gravity and their thermal motion, various physical mechanisms can be exploited for such operations on nanoparticles. However, the manipulation based on optical forces is potentially most appealing since it constitutes a highly deterministic approach. Plasmonic nanostructures have been suggested for this purpose, but they possess the disadvantages of locally generating heat and trapping the nanoparticles directly on the surface. Here, we propose the use of dielectric rings made of high permittivity materials for trapping nanoparticles. Thanks to their ability to strongly localize the field in space, nanoparticles can be trapped without contact. We use a semi-analytical method to study the ability of these rings to trap nanoparticles. The results are supported by full-wave simulations. Application of the trapping concept to nanoparticle filtration is suggested.

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