Friday, December 16, 2016

Numerical considerations on control of motion of nanoparticles using scattering field of laser light

Naomichi Yokoi, Yoshihisa Aizu

Most of optical manipulation techniques proposed so far depend on carefully fabricated setups and samples. Similar conditions can be fixed in laboratories; however, it is still challenging to manipulate nanoparticles when the environment is not well controlled and is unknown in advance. Nonetheless, coherent light scattered by rough object generates a speckle pattern which consists of random interference speckle grains with well-defined statistical properties. In the present study, we numerically investigate the motion of a Brownian particle suspended in water under the illumination of a speckle pattern. Particle-captured time and size of particle-captured area are quantitatively estimated in relation to an optical force and a speckle diameter to confirm the feasibility of the present method for performing optical manipulation tasks such as trapping and guiding.

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