Monday, November 21, 2016

Optical force enhancement and annular trapping by plasmonic toroidal resonance in a double-disk metastructure

Ren-chao Jin, Jie Li, Ying-hua Wang, Ming-jie Zhu, Jia-qi Li, and Zheng-gao Dong

Optical forces can be enhanced by surface plasmon resonances with various interesting characteristics. Here, we numerically calculated the optical forces enhanced by a new kind of toroidal dipolar resonance in a double-disk metastructure. The results show that this kind of optical force is competitive with ordinary plasmonic forces and typically can reach−182.5๐‘๐‘๐œ‡๐‘š2๐‘š๐‘Š−1−182.5pNฮผm2mW−1. Influences of geometric parameters are discussed for the enhancement characteristic of optical force. Finally, we make a contrastive investigation on the optical trapping characteristic on a 5-nm-diameter nanoparticle, and show that the unique annular trapping region can be utilized for nanoscale applications.

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