Friday, November 18, 2016

Lorentz force and the optical pulling of multiple rayleigh particles outside the dielectric cylindrical waveguides

M.R.C. Mahdy, M. Q. Mehmood, Weiqiang Ding, Tianhang Zhang, Zhi Ning Chen

The stimulating connection between the counter-intuitive optical pulling effects and the Lorentz force has not been investigated in literature. This work demonstrates that multiple absorbing or non-absorbing dielectric Rayleigh objects can be pulled locally with gradientless travelling waves outside a finite-sized cylindrical nano or micro waveguide, if it is made up of a hollow core along with the cladding of at least two different dielectrics of appropriate refractive indices. Lorentz force analysis reveals that the bound surface charges of Rayleigh scatterer experience backward force, which overcomes the positive bulk force and ultimately results in the net pulling of the scatterer for several spatial regions outside the waveguide. Finally, in order to control the pulling of multiple Rayleigh particles based on scattering force and binding force, we have proposed a possible cylindrical coupler set-up. This work may open a new window of optical pulling force due to the exclusion of conventional structured tractor beams along with the artificial exotic matters.

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