Monday, October 10, 2016

Theoretical Modeling of Average Force Acted on Nano Plasma Spheres in Presence of Radiation of Long Wavelength Point Source

Z. Hajijamali-AraniB. Jazi, S. Jahanbakht

Using the solutions of field equation, due to the electromagnetic wave scattering phenomena from a nano plasma sphere(NPS), the inserted force on nano plasma sphere is simulated. For this purpose, with using suitable Green’s function, the scattering phenomena of long wavelength electromagnetic waves from a nano plasma sphere will be investigated. A point electromagnetic source is considered in finite distance from the NPS. The computations will be generalized to two monopole point sources with the same strength but with opposite sign in two sides of sphere to simulating a NPS in presence of a plane electromagnetic wave. The resonance frequency and pattern scattering for these problems will be presented. The graphs of variations of inserted force with respect to wave frequency and geometrical dimension variations are presented.

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