Friday, October 28, 2016

Plasmonic Optophoresis for Manipulating, In Situ Position Monitoring, Sensing, and 3-D Trapping of Micro/Nanoparticles

Mostafa Ghorbanzadeh; Mohammad Kazem Moravvej-Farshi; Sara Darbari

An optophoresis system based on surface plasmons in a simple microfluidic environment is proposed, which introduces new functionalities, including three -dimensional trapping of particles, bidirectional manipulation, controllable sorting, and in situ sensing. Its operating principle is based on plasmonic field, which is excited by the Kretschmann configuration on a gold stripe. In this system, trapping, manipulating, and sorting mechanisms are based on the balance of two oppositely exerted scattering forces induced by two counter-propagating surface plasmons. Moreover, for detecting particle's intrinsic properties and in situ position monitoring, we take advantage of the particle's lens-like behavior and stripe's edge effects. The proposed low-power functional system that can be simply and inexpensively integrated into lab-on-a-chip devices is a promising candidate for biological applications and developing integrated optical manipulation chips.

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