Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Trapping two types of particles by modified circular Airy beams

Yunfeng Jiang, Zili Cao, Hehong Shao, Wanting Zheng, Bixin Zeng, and Xuanhui Lu

The radiation force of modified circular Airy beams (MCAB) exerted on both a high-refractive-index particle and a low-refractive-index particle are analyzed in this paper. Our results show that the two kinds of particles can be simultaneously stably trapped by MCAB at different positions. Compared with the common circular Airy beams (CAB) with the same parameters, trapping forces on the two kinds of particles are greatly increased because of the enhanced abruptly autofocusing property and the appearance of hollow region in MCAB. The trapping forces can be modulated by varying parameters of MCAB, and it is important to choose appropriate parameters to trap particles in practice.

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