Thursday, August 4, 2016

Characteristics of the orbital rotation in dual-beam fiber-optic trap with transverse offset

Xinlin Chen, Guangzong Xiao, Kaiyong Yang, Wei Xiong, and Hui Luo

The orbital rotation is an important type of motion of trapped particles apart from translation and spin rotation. It could be realized by introducing a transverse offset to the dual-beam fiber-optic trap. The characteristics (e.g. rotation perimeter and frequency) of the orbital rotation have been analyzed in this article. We demonstrate the influences of offset distance, beam waist separation distance, light power, and radius of the microsphere by both experimental and numerical work. The experiment results, i.e. orbital rotation perimeter and frequency as functions of these parameters, are consistent with the theoretical model in the present work. The orbital rotation amplitude and frequency could be exactly controlled by varying these parameters. This controllable orbital rotation can be easily applied to the area where microfluidic mixing is required.

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