Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Optical field and attractive force at the subwavelength slit

David Shapiro, Daniel Nies, Oleg Belai, Matthias Wurm, and Vladimir Nesterov

In recent works, a novel light-induced attractive force was predicted between two metal plates. This force arises by the interaction of surface plasmons which are excited at the metal when a transverse magnetic mode propagates through a subwavelength slit between two metal bodies. In this paper, the analytical and numerical calculations of this magnetic field are presented for the perfect metal and for gold. The amplitude and the phase transient curves between the known limiting cases of narrow and wide slits compared to the wavelength are found. The curve is shown to oscillate due to the emergence of new waveguide modes. The analytic solution for the perfect metal is in agreement with the computation for gold by means of the finite element method. The simple asymptotic formula for the light-induced attractive force is found in the limit of a narrow slit.

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