Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Flexible optical manipulation of ring resonator by frequency detuning and double-port excitation

Yong Geng, Tongtong Zhu, Haiyi Lv, Yongyin Cao, Fangkui Sun, and Weiqiang Ding
Optical force exerted on a ring resonator, which can move freely in plane, is investigated using the finite-difference in time-domain method. In order to manipulate the ring resonator more flexibly, two assistant waveguides are introduced to form a microring resonator based add-drop device. Results show that a blue tuned source is more suitable for the manipulation of the ring, rather than the central resonant frequency as expected. A red-tuned frequency, however, is difficult to trap the ring stably. When the frequency detuning is combined with selected double-port excitation, the ring can be trapped stably at some discrete positions, some determined regions, or be transported continuously along the waveguide. This optically reconfigurable opto-mechanical resonant system may find potential applications in tunable photonic devices and precise sensing.

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