Friday, June 12, 2015

Reflection Microspectroscopic Study of Laser Trapping Assembling of Polystyrene Nanoparticles at Air/Solution Interface

Shun-Fa Wang , Ken-ichi Yuyama , Teruki Sugiyama , and Hiroshi Masuhara
We present the formation of a single nanoparticle assembly with periodic array structure induced by laser trapping of 200-nm polystyrene nanoparticles at air/solution interface of the colloidal heavy water solution. Their trapping and assembling behavior is observed by monitoring transmission and backscattering images and measuring reflection spectra under a microscope. Upon the laser irradiation into the solution surface layer, nanoparticles are gathered at and around the focal spot, and eventually a nanoparticle assembly with the size much larger than the focal volume is formed. The assembly gives structural color in visible range under halogen lamp illumination, indicating that constituent nanoparticles are periodically arrayed. Reflection spectra of the assembly show a reflection band, and its peak position is gradually shifted to short wavelength and the band width becomes narrow with time, depending on the distance from the focal spot. After the laser is switched off, red-shift is observed in the reflection band. These results indicate that nanoparticles are rearranged into a densely packed periodic array during laser irradiation and diffused out to the surrounding solution after turning off the laser. This dynamics is discussed from the viewpoints of the attractive optical trapping force and the electrostatic repulsive force among nanoparticles.

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