Thursday, May 7, 2015

Trapping and assembling of particles and live cells on large-scale random gold nano-island substrates

Zhiwen Kang, Jiajie Chen, Shu-Yuen Wu, Kun Chen, Siu-Kai Kong, Ken-Tye Yong & Ho-Pui Ho

We experimentally demonstrated the use of random plasmonic nano-islands for optical trapping and assembling of particles and live cells into highly organized pattern with low power density. The observed trapping effect is attributed to the net contribution due to near-field optical trapping force and long-range thermophoretic force, which overcomes the axial convective drag force, while the lateral convection pushes the target objects into the trapping zone. Our work provides a simple platform for on-chip optical manipulation of nano- and micro-sized objects, and may find applications in physical and life sciences.
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