Monday, May 25, 2015

Radiation pressure on plane dielectric surfaces

V.P. Torchigin, A.V. Torchigin

It is shown on the basis of unambiguous thought and real experiments regarding the pressure produced by light on a plane boundary of optical medium that the Abraham force takes part in the production of the pressure. As a result, all hitherto known information obtained by using another approach based on the Lorentz force should be corrected. Radiation pressures produced by a continuous light wave and a light pulse on the simplest plane dielectric surfaces are presented. The pressure produced by a continuous travelling light wave incident from ree space on a semi-infinite dielectric is negative and is equal -W0(n-1)(n + 1) where W0 is the energy density of light in free space, n is the refractive index. The pressure produced by the leading edge of a light pulse at the entrance to the dielectric is positive and equal W0(n-1)(n + 1). Pressures produced by a continuous light wave and light pulse on a semi-infinite dielectric with anti-reflection λ/4 coating are equal W0(1-n) and W0(1-1/n), respectively.

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