Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Engineering of slow Bloch modes for optical trapping

L. Milord, E. Gerelli, C. Jamois, A. Harouri, C. Chevalier, P. Viktorovitch, X. Letartre and T. Benyattou
In the present paper, we propose an approach based on slow Bloch mode microcavity that enables the optical trapping of small nanoparticles over a broad surface. A specific design based on a double-period photonic crystal is presented. It enables an easy coupling using a wide free-space Gaussian beam and the cavity Q factor can be tuned at will. Moreover, the microcavity mode is mainly localized within the photonic crystal holes, meaning that each hole of the microcavity behaves as efficient nanotweezers. Experimental studies have shown that 200 nm and 100 nm particles can be trapped within the microcavity, in a spatial region that corresponds to the size of one hole (200 nm wide). The experimental trap stiffness has been extracted. It shows that this approach is among the most performant ones if we take into account the size of the cavity.

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