Monday, March 16, 2015

Designing a Plasmonic Optophoresis System for Trapping and Simultaneous Sorting/Counting of Micro- and Nano-particles

Ghorbanzadeh, M.; Moravvej-Farshi, M.; Darbari, S.

We are proposing a plasmonic-based optophoresis system that can trap and simultaneously sort and count metallic and dielectric micro- and nano-particles, in a simple microfluidic system. The operating principles of the proposed system are based on the particles intrinsic properties that modulate the in-duced optical force and the transmitted power. Particle manipu-lations, in this system, are based on the near-field optical forces excreted by leaky surface plasmons modes, excited on a gold stripe. Simulations show that the maximum potential depth sensi-tivity to the trapped PS/Au particles’ radius is ~ 0.09/0.03 (kBT / nm). The maximum transmission sensitivity in response to a change in radii of trapped Au and PS spheres are both ~0.01% per nm. Moreover, it is also shown that a minute change of ±1% in a refractive index of a 250-nm trapped dielectric particle re-sults in ±0.26 kBT and ∓0.13% variations in the potential depth and transmission, respectively. Furthermore, the proposed sys-tem that can be implemented simply and inexpensively, benefits from its small footprint for integration into lab-on-a-chip devices and low power consumption, with promising potentials for bio-logical applications.

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