Saturday, February 22, 2014

Tuning the size and configuration of nanocarbon microcapsules: aqueous method using optical tweezers

Hiroshi Frusawa & Youei Matsumoto

To date, optical manipulation techniques for aqueous dispersions have been developed that deposit and/or transport nanoparticles not only for fundamental studies of colloidal dynamics, but also for either creating photonic devices or allowing accurate control of liquids on micron scales. Here, we report that optical tweezers (OT) system is able to direct three-dimensional assembly of graphene, graphite, and carbon nanotubes (CNT) into microcapsules of hollow spheres. The OT technique facilitates both to visualize the elasticity of a CNT microcapsule and to arrange a triplet of identical graphene microcapsules in aqueous media. Furthermore, the similarity of swelling courses has been found over a range of experimental parameters such as nanocarbon species, the power of the incident light, and the suspension density. Thanks to the universality in evolutions of rescaled capsule size, we can precisely control the size of various nanocarbon microcapsules by adjusting the duration time of laser emission.

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