Monday, February 3, 2014

Trap position control in the vicinity of reflecting surfaces in optical tweezers

D. A. Shilkin, E. V. Lyubin, I. V. Soboleva, A. A. Fedyanin

Shift of the trap position from the laser beam waist of optical tweezers is studied experimentally in the presence of a reflecting surface in the vicinity of the focal plane. A standing wave is formed owing to the interference of waves forming the waist and reflected from the surface. The standing wave is shown to affect significantly the resulting trap position. The distance between the surface and the stable optical trap as a function of the trapped particle size is studied numerically. A new method to stabilize the position of the microparticle relative to the surface is proposed. The localization accuracy is determined by the Brownian fluctuations in optical tweezers and is about 10 nm for effective trap stiffness of 4 × 10−5 N/m.

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