Monday, February 10, 2014

Aerosol droplet optical trap loading using surface acoustic wave nebulization

S. Anand, J. Nylk, S. L. Neale, C. Dodds, S. Grant, M. H. Ismail, J. Reboud, J. M. Cooper, and D. McGloin
We demonstrate the use of surface acoustic wave nebulization (SAWN) to load optical traps. We show that the droplets sizes produced can be tuned by altering the RF frequency applied to the devices, which leads to more control over the sizes of trapped particles. Typically the size distribution of the liquid aerosols delivered using SAWN is smaller than via a standard commercial nebulization device. The ability to trap a range of liquids or small solid particles, not readily accessible using other ultrasonic devices, is also demonstrated both in optical tweezers and dual beam fiber traps.

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