Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Rapid 3D fluorescence imaging of individual optically trapped living immune cells

Deanna Wolfson, Michael Steck, Martin Persson, Gregory McNerney, Ana Popovich, Mattias Goksör, Thomas Huser

We demonstrate an approach to rapidly characterize living suspension cells in 4 dimensions while they are immobilized and manipulated within optical traps. A single, high numerical aperture objective lens is used to separate the imaging plane from the trapping plane. This facilitates full control over the position and orientation of multiple trapped cells using a spatial light modulator, including directed motion and object rotation, while also allowing rapid 4D imaging. This system is particularly useful in the handling and investigation of the behavior of non-adherent immune cells. We demonstrate these capabilities by imaging and manipulating living, fluorescently stained Jurkat T cells.

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