Monday, January 13, 2014

Multi-frequency near-field scanning optical microscopy

Dana C Kohlgraf-Owens, Léo Greusard, Sergey Sukhov, Yannick De Wilde and Aristide Dogariu

We demonstrate a new multi-frequency approach for mapping near-field optically induced forces with subwavelength spatial resolution. The concept relies on oscillating a scanning probe at two different frequencies. Oscillations at one frequency are driven electrically to provide positional feedback regulation. Modulations at another frequency are induced optically and are used to measure the mechanical action of the optical field on the probe. Because the measurement is based on locally detecting the force of the electromagnetic radiation acting on the probe, the new method does not require a photodetector to map the radiation distribution and, therefore, can provide true broadband detection of light with a single probe.

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