Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Multi-Dimensional Manipulation of Yeast Cells Using a LP_11 Mode Beam

Zhang, Y.; Liang, P. ; Lei, J. ; Wang, L. ; Liu, Z. ; Yang, J. ; Yuan, L.

We report a new method for constructing a single fiber optical tweezers, which can realize multi-dimensional manipulation of trapped yeast cells by using a LP$_{bf 11}$ mode beam excited in a normal communication single core optical fiber. This allows a simple and convenient orientation control on the trapped yeast cells. The LP$_{bf 11}$ mode beam, both for generating trap and orientation manipulation, has been modulated by using the tension and twisting loaded on the fiber. We present experimental results of controllable deflection and orientation manipulation of the yeast cells. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first report about the trapped yeast cells being driven by the normal single fiber optical tweezers in multi dimensions, and it constitutes a new development for single fiber optical trapping and makes possible of more practical applications in the biomedical research fields.

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