Thursday, December 19, 2013

Particle tracking by full-field complex wavefront subtraction in digital holography microscopy

Lisa Miccio, Pasquale Memmolo , Francesco Merola, Sabato Fusco, Antonio Paciello, Maurizio Ventre, Paolo Netti and Pietro Ferraro

3D tracking of micro-objects, based on digital holography, is proposed through the analysis of the complex wavefront of the light scattered by the micro-samples. Exploiting the advantages of the off-axis full-field holographic interferometry, tracking of multiple objects is achieved by a direct wavefront analysis at the focal plane overcoming the limitation of the conventional Back Focal Plane interferometry in which one object at time can be tracked. Furthermore, the method proposed and demonstrated here is a step-forward also in respect to other holographic tracking tools. The approach is tested in two experiments, one for investigating Brownian motion of particles trapped by holographic optical tweezers, while second is related to cells motility in 3D collagen matric thus showing its usefulness for lab-on-chip systems in typical bio-assay testing.

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