Thursday, November 7, 2013

Memory effects for a trapped Brownian particle in viscoelastic shear flows

Romi Mankin, Katrin Laas, and Neeme Lumi
The long-time limit behavior of the positional distribution for an underdamped Brownian particle in a fluctuating harmonic potential well, which is simultaneously exposed to an oscillatory viscoelastic shear flow is investigated using the generalized Langevin equation with a power-law-type memory kernel. The influence of a fluctuating environment is modeled by a multiplicative white noise (fluctuations of the stiffness of the trapping potential) and by an additive internal fractional Gaussian noise. The exact expressions of the second-order moments of the fluctuating position for the Brownian particle in the shear plane have been calculated. Also, shear-induced cross correlation between particle fluctuations along orthogonal directions as well as the angular momentum are found. It is shown that interplay of shear flow, memory, and multiplicative noise can generate a variety of cooperation effects, such as energetic instability, multiresonance versus the shear frequency, and memory-induced anomalous diffusion in the direction of the shear flow. Particularly, two different critical memory exponents have been found, which mark dynamical transitions from a stationary regime to a subdiffusive (or superdiffusive) regime of the system. Similarities and differences between the behaviors of the models with oscillatory and nonoscillatory shear flow are also discussed.
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