Thursday, October 24, 2013

Particle laden fluid interfaces: Dynamics and Interfacial rheology

Alma J. Mendoza, Eduardo Guzman, Fernando Martinez-Pedrero, Herman Ritacco, Ramon G. Rubio, Francisco Ortega, Victor M. Starov, Reinhard Miller
We review the dynamics of particle laden interfaces, both particle monolayers and particle + surfactant monolayers. We also discuss the use of the Brownian motion of microparticles trapped at fluid interfaces for measuring the shear rheology of surfactant and polymer monolayers. We describe the basic concepts of interfacial rheology and the different experimental methods for measuring both dilational and shear surface complex moduli over a broad range of frequencies, with emphasis in the micro-rheology methods. In the case of particles trapped at interfaces the calculation of the diffusion coefficient from the Brownian trajectories of the particles is calculated as a function of particle surface concentration. We describe in detail the calculation in the case of subdiffusive particle dynamics. A comprehensive review of dilational and shear rheology of particle monolayers and particle + surfactant monolayers is presented. Finally the advantages and current open problems of the use of the Brownian motion of microparticles for calculating the shear complex modulus of monolayers are described in detail.

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