Friday, June 14, 2013

Microscopic and macroscopic manipulation of gold nanorod and its hybrid nanostructures

Jiafang Li, Honglian Guo, and Zhi-Yuan Li

Gold nanorods (GNRs) have potential applications ranging from biomedical sciences and emerging nanophotonics. In this paper, we will review some of our recent studies on both microscopic and macroscopic manipulation of GNRs. Unique properties of GNR nanoparticles, such as efficient surface plasmon amplifications effects, are introduced. The stable trapping, transferring, positioning and patterning of GNRs with nonintrusive optical tweezers will be shown. Vector beams are further employed to improve the trapping performance. On the other hand, alignment of GNRs and their hybrid nanostructures will be described by using a film stretch method, which induces the anisotropic and enhanced absorptive nonlinearities from aligned GNRs. Realization and engineering of polarized emission from aligned hybrid GNRs will be further demonstrated, with relative excitation–emission efficiency significantly enhanced. Our works presented in this review show that optical tweezers possess great potential in microscopic manipulation of metal nanoparticles and macroscopic alignment of anisotropic nanoparticles could help the macroscopic samples to flexibly represent the plasmonic properties of single nanoparticles for fast, cheap, and high-yield applications.
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