Friday, May 24, 2013

Computation of radiation pressure force on arbitrary shaped homogenous particles by multilevel fast multipole algorithm

Minglin Yang, Kuan Fang Ren, Mingjiang Gou, and Xinqing Sheng
A full-wave numerical method based on the surface integral equation for computing radiation pressure force (RPF) exerted by a shaped light beam on arbitrary shaped homogenous particles is presented. The multilevel fast multipole algorithm is employed to reduce memory requirement and to improve its capability. The resultant matrix equation is solved by using an iterative solver to obtain equivalent electric and magnetic currents. Then RPF is computed by vector flux of the Maxwell’s stress tensor over a spherical surface tightly enclosing the particle. So the analytical expressions for electromagnetic fields of incident beam in near region are used. Some numerical results are performed to illustrate the validity and capability of the developed method. Good agreements between our method and the Lorenz–Mie theory for spherical and small spheroidal particle are found while our method has powerful capability for computing RPF of any shaped beam on a relatively large particle of complex shape. Tests for ellipsoidal and red blood cell-like particles illuminated by Gaussian beam have shown that the size of the particle can be as large as 50–100 wavelengths, respectively, for the relative refractive of 1.33 and 1.1.
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