Friday, April 19, 2013

Growth Pattern of Yeast Cells Studied under Line Optical Tweezers

S. Charrunchon, J. Limtrakul, and N. Chattham
Cell growth and division has been of scientists’ interest for over generations. Several mathematical models have been reported derived from conventional method of cell culture. Here we applied optical tweezers to guide cell division directionally. The patterns of Saccharonmyces Bayanus yeast growth was studied under 1064 nm line optical tweezers generated by time-shared multiple optical traps. Yeast growth was found following the path of the generated laser patterns in linear shape as a result of localized heating effect due to absorption at the focal point. The area of grown yeast cells as a function of time was measure through image processing. Mathematical model for the growth rate under line optical trap has been determined and discussed.
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