Friday, November 16, 2012

Generating Nanostructures with Multiphoton Absorption Polymerization using Optical Trap Assisted Nanopatterning

Yu-Cheng Tsai, Karl-Heinz Leitz, Romain Fardel, Michael Schmidt, Craig B. Arnold

The need to generate sub 100 nm features is of interest for a variety of applications including optics, optoelectronics, and plasmonics. To address this requirement, several advanced optical lithography techniques have been developed based on either multiphoton absorption polymerization or near-field effects. In this paper, we combine strengths from multiphoton absorption and near field using optical trap assisted nanopatterning (OTAN). A Gaussian beam is used to position a microsphere in a polymer precursor fluid near a substrate. An ultrafast laser is focused by that microsphere to induce multiphoton polymerization in the near field, leading additive direct-write nanoscale processing.

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