Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Controlled formation and manipulation of colloidal lattices by dynamically reconfigurable three dimensional interferometric optical traps

Jolly Xavier, Raktim Dasgupta, Sunita Ahlawat, Joby Joseph, and Pradeep Kumar Gupta
We present real-time controlled manipulation of microparticles optically trapped in three dimensional (3D)-trap array lattices generated by dynamically reconfigurable n + 1 non-coplanar multiple plane wave interference in an umbrella-like configuration. Through a programmable spatial light modulator-assisted approach, reconfigurable stable 3D interferometric optical traps belonging to diverse transverse rotational symmetry are realized and used to trap micro beads in multi-layers. Dynamically controlled translation as well as rotation of trapped array of particles are also demonstrated using presented approach. Further, the optical stacking of microparticles in an array of 3D single-stranded chiral traps portrays the versatility in tailoring axially tunable trap arrays.

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