Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Optical sorting in holographic trap arrays by tuning the inter-trap separation

S Ahlawat, R Dasgupta, R S Verma, V N Kumar and P K Gupta
Particle motion through a holographic trap array has been investigated theoretically and experimentally, and it is shown that a change in inter-trap separation can be used to selectively control the motion of particles of different sizes. By an appropriate choice of inter-trap separation in a holographically generated two-dimensional trap array, optical potential channels can be created in orthogonal directions such that, from a suspension having a mixture of two different particle sizes, the particles can be sorted in the two orthogonal channels. The use of the approach to sort 3 and 5 μm silica spherical particles in the two orthogonal channels, from a mixed suspension of these, has also been demonstrated.
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