Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Optical forces induced behavior of a particle in a non-diffracting vortex beam

Martin Šiler, Petr Jákl, Oto Brzobohatý, and Pavel Zemánek

An interaction between a light field with complex field spatial distribution and a micro-particle leads to forces that drag the particle in space and may confine it in a stable position or a trajectory. The particle behavior is determined by its size with respect to the characteristic length of the spatially periodic or symmetric light field distribution. We study theoretically and experimentally the behavior of a microparticle near the center of an optical vortex beam in a plane perpendicular to the beam propagation. We show that such particle may be stably trapped either in a dark spot on the vortex beam axis, or in one of two points placed off the optical axis. It may also circulate along a trajectory having its radius smaller or equal to the radius of the first bright vortex ring.

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