Saturday, October 20, 2012

Metallic nanoparticles in a standing wave: optical force and heating

Martin Šiler, Lukáš Chvátal, Pavel Zemánek

We have investigated the absorbed power in a single gold or silver metallic nanoparticle together with the optical force acting upon it if the particle is illuminated by two counter-propagating plane waves forming a standing wave. We have used the Generalized Lorenz-Mie theory (GLMT) and considered the incident wavelengths and particles size parameter 0.1⩽d/λvac⩽4. Similarly as in the case of dielectric particle we have found that the optical force is equal to zero for all particle positions in the standing wave for certain wavelengths and particle sizes. However, in the case of a metallic object this phenomenon occurs for considerably smaller particles and the conditions change considerably with the illuminating wavelength especially near the localized surface plasmon resonances. Similarly, we have found that the absorbed heat does not change with the position of the particle in the standing wave for certain wavelengths and particle sizes. These sizes generally differ from those giving zero optical force and, therefore, the particle can be trapped at the intensity maximum or minimum and in both cases its heating is maximal or minimal depending on the particle size.

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