Thursday, October 4, 2012

Brownian Motion in a Designer Force Field: Dynamical Effects of Negative Refraction on Nanoparticles

A. Cuche, B. Stein, A. Canaguier-Durand, E. Devaux, C. Genet, and T. W. Ebbesen

Photonic crystals (PC) have demonstrated unique features that have renewed the fields of classical and quantum optics. Although holding great promises, associated mechanical effects have proven challenging to observe. We demonstrate for the first time that one of the most salient properties of PC, namely negative refraction, can induce specific forces on metal nanoparticles. By integrating a periodically patterned metal film in a fluidic cell, we show that near-field optical forces associated with negatively refracted surface plasmons are capable of controlling particle trajectories. Coupling particle motions to PC band structures draws new approaches and strategies for parallel and high resolution all-optical control of particle flows with applications for micro- and nanofluidic systems.

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